How SAV was born

I had this idea of starting a vintage clothing company around two years ago.. wow that has gone so quickly. After finding out about the impact Fashion had on the environment and learning all about garment workers in developing countries and myself being a Fashion Stylist working in the industry and also someone who regularly bought fast fashion I knew I had to change my shopping behaviours and try to do something to counteract my Fashion footprint working for fast fashion brands. I decided one afternoon after watching The True Cost to only wear vintage or preloved clothes – which was a big deal for someone who regularly browsed the Zara website.

So I swapped asos for ebay for good and little did I realised how this decision was going to change my life. I always have loved vintage clothes, my obsession with the 60’s and 70’s goes back a long time, from the clothes to the culture - so I already had a good archive of vintage to start building from. I quite quickly realised that I loved searching on ebay and charity shops for that piece of treasure nobody else would have.

From there more and more people would ask me where my dress, shirt, skirt was from and when I said vintage I would get the same response “I wish I could shop vintage but I do not know where to start” or “I just don’t have the time” and from there it seemed obvious to me that I could turn something not only I loved but was extremely passionate about into a business and so SAV was born.

Now its been a quite a journey, I know that’s a cliché but it has! I may be good at finding the vintage clothes and being a Fashion Stylist I am well connected and have had help from people in the industry which I am eternally grateful but there is so much more to running a business then I ever imagined when I first started SAV. And there are certainly skills I am lacking that are super essential when wanting to start and grow a successful business. So my Husband and I (as it is a joint business) knew it was a good thing to get some help.

I wanted to introduce everyone who is behind the success of SAV and helping it grow into the business I know it can be.. I have had so much help from my friends and I feel so grateful. My amazing girl friend Ringo who looked after all the social media and also does the modelling for SAV a total dream girl. She is currently on a once in a life time trip around the world trip living her best life! One of my best girl friends Pauline, she is French and with that is probably the most chic girl you can ever wish to meet, she is in charge of SAV`s marketing and sales and is one hella of a girl boss. Her boyfriend Jeremy who is in charge of all the design work and concepts for SAV. He is truly so creative and just always knows how to make something look original and amazing. My husband Adam in charge of logistics and customer service, he is the friendliest man you can meet so direct all enquiries to him. And of course me, I do all the buying and creative direction and I guess I am the voice of the brand. 

So that is us, a bunch of pals, the best type of collaborative living in Yorkshire with an idea to try and make the world better, one vintage piece of clothing at a time.

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